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London 7/12/17

As rumours about the whereabouts of the legendary outlaw's fortune and his descendants continue to circulate, the hunt goes on for the Cassidy’s ill gotten gains. Here's the latest news:

The Pinkerton Detective Agency has only one file which has remained open since the end of the 19th Century. This file dates back to 1886 and details the Agency’s biggest failure: Butch Cassidy.

The movie “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid” detailed the death of both outlaws in a shootout in Bolivia, but this ending is widely acknowledged to be false. According to Cassidy’s sister Lula Parker Betenson, Butch made it back to Spokane WA and lived out his remaining days as the owner of a machine shop. Nobody knows what happened to the proceeds of the robberies of banks in Wyoming & Bolivia, the Union Pacific Railroad, and banks and payrolls in Argentina and Bolivia. 

The mystery of his substantial legacy remains unsolved to this day.

For reasons unexplained, the Pinkerton Detective Agency has made several visits to London in recent years. Whilst their spokesman was unavailable for comment, it is rumoured that they are seeking the whereabouts of a distant living relative of the infamous outlaw believed to be living somewhere in South London and known by the monicker of “2 Scoops”.

Little do they know that the spirit of Butch lives on through his bloodlines. Insiders report that the individual known as “2 Scoops” only today was seen exiting HMP High Down (Category 2) through all of the prison checkpoints and security….having lifted a mince pie from the kitchens of this high security establishment and successfully smuggled it out !

When interviewed by our anonymous reporter, 2 Scoops said the following:

“ It's the principle not the premium. There is no better time to rob a prison than Christmas, and I’m proud to have pulled it off ! This one’s for Butch “


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