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The Sons Of Royalty......What does it mean? Why? Who?

London 7/12/17

As rumours about the whereabouts of the legendary outlaw's fortune and his descendants continue to circulate, the hunt goes on for the Cassidy’s ill gotten gains. Here's the latest news:

The Sons of Royalty do have some very colourful characters amongst their membership

Watch this video to see just some of our many friends here at Sons of Royalty.

“I’ve been into bikes for about 25 years. I first started getting into them when I was in the army, purely because I had the chance to go and get my motorbike licence when I was serving."

The Sons are delighted to announce the appointment of Lady Phillis Collingham as our new golfing instructor.

Doctor Hook has completed his sell out tour and has raised over £21,000 for Childline NSPCC.

Dear fellow Invader!

It’s my great pleasure to introduce myself to you, on behalf of Canadian Affair, I am delighted that we are the chosen “invasion” partner for the 2017 Sons of Royalty Canadian adventure.

Morgan Freeman was bestowed the honour at a ceremony in the capital on Wednesday 12th November.

We are delighted to announce that Ed 'The Editor' Mitchell has joined the ChildLine Rocks Team! He is not only the editor of the Blues Magazine, but a leading authority of the Deep South.

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